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Applied Puppetry

Projects using Puppets and Puppetry in educational settings to create social and or emotional goals and outcomes

We produce a variety of applied puppetry experiences and interventions for lots of different situations and clients.


This can range from single making sessions inspired by well being to 6 week multiple session interventions with puppet facilitators around core principles of positive mental health.

WE craft work for organisations large or small and are committed to using the intrinsic engagement that high quality puppetry can provide for social good.

During the Initial Covid Lockdown we produced with some partners in Newcastle this series of short funny but informative videos for young people around best practice to assist in the drive to protect public health .

If you are interested in our Applied Puppetry please do contact Will Steele our Artistic Director and take a look at some of the larger projects we have developed with some of our significant partners.

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