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Our 2023 Tour Of Dragon is now complete! The show has been seen in Wales, Cheshire, York, Leeds, Alnwick, Ashington, Scotland and the Scottish Borders and Newcastle upon Tyne by over 1000 audience members. Many of whom got the opportunity to see inside the puppet booth to see how the show was made and meet the puppets that told the story!

Take a look at our Instagram Reel to check in on all the cool things that happened during the tour!



If you missed the tour and are reading this quite disappointed check to the bottom of this page for a treat just for you.

As Part of the Dragon Tour we produced two Free youtube workshops on how to make a simple head and hand puppet and also a Hybrid Hand Puppet Similar to the ones used in the show! You can access them here:

Just please tell us if you did in the comments so we know you were there!

So you Missed the show. Nuts. It might be back in the future. but till then.... Open this link on the biggest screen you can, sit back, and enjoy.  

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